Why I Farm.

When you hear the word farmer, what do you think of?

DSC_6223.jpgDo you think about a person who tends to livestock such as cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, etc.? Do you think about a person driving tractor? Do you think about an older gentleman wearing overalls? Do you think about a person who is a part of feeding the world?


Do you think about a person who would give you the shirt off their back like Katie does? Do you think a farmer is one who is not confined by a time clock, but rather by his love, ability and the job? Dani thinks about a person who has faith, is a hard worker and is committed.

What comes to mind to you?

Do IMG_0336.jpgyou think about those videos you see on Facebook showing an animal being abused? If so, do you think to yourself, why didn’t the person capturing that footage step in and stop it? Why did they let it continue to happen? Was it just so they could get some footage to make a video about it? Do you truly believe that abuse happens on every farm?

I can assure you that you would be wrong if you believe that abuse happens everywhere. The only way you’re going to have a healthy, thriving and happy animal is if they don’t have to endure stress or if you can keep it to a minimum, such as being quiet as you’re moving cows around.

I can assure you that livestock are respected.

Livestock are treated with the utmost care.

Livestock are given the best possible life.

Livestock do love their caretakers. Believe it or not.

Livestock’s needs come before most farmer’s own needs.

That is why I farm. This is why I am an AGvocate. To share the truth. To share who we IMG_0370.jpgare. I may only be a few years into my dairy farming adventure, but the places I’ve worked and the people I have met along the way have made me want to continue. They have made me want to share my story and share about life on a farm. There are SO many misconceptions about food and I am just one of the many voices that is trying to share the truth. If you have a question about life on a farm, where our milk, meat, corn, wheat, etc. go, just ask a farmer, a rancher, a gardener. Whomever sells products to the market has an answer for you. Come to us first before running to google.

The dictionary definition of a farmer is a person who owns or manages a farm.

I can reassure you that we are much more than just that definition. We are caretakers.
We are dedicated. We are respectful. We have faith. We are providers. We are united. We make our living to provide for our families and yours. We buy our food at the grocery store just like you do. We are people too.

If you want an answer you have to be willing to listen. Listen to understand instead of listening to just reply.

To us, farming is more than just an occupation, it’s a lifestyle.

Thanks for reading.

The Crazy Calf Lady

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